Thursday, October 05, 2006

Cleaning during the Most Expensive Election Ever

Jones and Steinberg Clean Car Windows to Clean Up Sacramento
Proposition 89 Would Bring Clean Money Into Politics

Sacramento - Assemblymember Dave Jones and Democratic candidate for State Senate Darrell Steinberg rolled up their sleeves to clean car windows today at a local gas station, to dramatize the need for clean elections in Proposition 89. Along with a local “Squeegee Brigade” and representatives from Common Cause, League of Women Voters and the Sierra Club, Jones and Steinberg cleaned car windows for free today at a local gas station to dramatize the need for clean government in California. The groups and politicians support Proposition 89, the California Clean Money and Fair Elections Act on the California ballot this November 7th.

Participants educated gas station customers and the public on Proposition 89 and its importance to cleaning up California politics and the significance of the initiative.

“The $2 million push from an out of state developer behind the Maloof arena tax is the local poster child for what we face statewide,” said Assemblymember Dave Jones (D- Sacramento). “We need to inject clean money into politics so that elections can be about ideas instead of who has the most cash,” continued Jones.

“Prop 89 would clean up the Sacramento legislature,” said Trudy Schafer of League of Women Voters of California, who also cleaned car windows. “With this election being the most expensive in history, Proposition 89 is the only measure on the November ballot that could restore voter confidence in the system.”

“To get clean air and clean water, we have to clean up our political system,” said Bill Magavern of Sierra Club California.

If passed by California voters on November 7th, Proposition 89 would establish a voluntary “Clean Money” system for full public financing of election campaigns modeled upon successful programs already in place in Arizona and Maine and recently adopted by Connecticut. It is designed to level the election playing field, open up the ballot to more good candidates, and stop political corruption by making elected officials accountable to voters, not big money donors.

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