Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Cruz Bustamante for Proposition 89

Lt. Governor says Prop. 89 will help lead to survival of a fair, robust and healthy government

SACRAMENTO—Lieutenant Governor Cruz Bustamante today endorsed Proposition 89, the Clean Money and Fair Elections Act of 2006, and urged voters to help defeat the special interest groups and lobbyists that have corrupted California's electoral system by voting Yes on Prop. 89 in this November's statewide election.

"California voters have lost faith in the electoral process. They understand the crisis of corruption in Sacramento, and want to do something to change it," said Bustamante. "A publicly funded electoral system would help make politicians more accountable."

Bustamante has spent his career fighting as an advocate for California voters. He actively supported Prop. 103 in 1988 despite large-scale opposition by insurance companies; he faced off with oil companies when he fought to eliminate offshore drilling projects; and he stood up to big tobacco, pushing California to join the historic multi-state lawsuit that settled in 1998.

Bustamante opposed efforts by auto insurers this year to sponsor a political attack campaign against current Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi for refusing to postpone his reform agenda.

"I have returned all campaign contributions from the insurance industry, and will not accept their campaign donations in my bid for Insurance Commissioner," said Bustamante. "Bad actors use our electoral system to pollute the efforts of good public servants like John Garamendi. I will not stand for it any longer. Prop. 89 is a good start in fixing the problem. I hope voters send a clear message to big donors by passing Prop. 89," said Bustamante."

Bustamante said he hopes voters recognize the value of Prop. 89 in bringing transparency to the inherent advantages enjoyed by billionaires seeking political office.

"Ambitious billionaires weaken our electoral system when they engage in unlimited campaign spending," said Bustamante. "Voters should be able to decide elections based on the best ideas, not who has the most money to spend.

Prop. 89 levels the playing field and makes elections fairer and more competitive by creating a Clean Money public financing system like those in other states. The initiative protects free speech and has been proven in the courts to be effective and constitutional.